The foundation to a great mountain biking journey! This skills clinic is for all levels of riders who wish to learn or refresh the CORE FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS of Mountain Biking, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding for or what your previous experience is, newcomer or more advanced. You will master the understanding and use of the fundamental movements on your MTB, giving you a solid foundation, building your confidence and making you comfortable on your bike. Please note: Fundamentals does not mean ‘easy’ or ‘beginner’. Yes these clinics are a great starting place for beginners but they cover critical foundational skills for riders of all levels and experience. Even if you’ve been riding for 0, 5, 10, or 15 years you’ll have a new understanding of body positioning, how to use your brakes for better control, how to achieve maximum traction, staying smooth over roots and rocks and the foundation to progress to more advanced skills. This clinic will give you a completely different outlook on your riding!


We highly recommend flat shoes and flat pedals for learning the correct skills and techniques. If you are unsure about learning new skills on cleats then we highly recommend flat pedals. In most cases flat pedals are safer to learn and practice during the skills clinic. We often find that many people worry so much about cleating in and out that they cannot focus on the skill or technique being taught and their confidence completely falls away. If riding clipped-in is second nature and you never have to think about getting in or out, you are most welcome to bring them. However, flats really do make learning new skills easier and make you feel a lot more confident, so if you have access to flats, we recommend bringing them. We will have the tools available to switch them for you. Make sure your shoes will be compatible with the pedals you are using and have good sticky, durable soles with protection around the toes. ***Please note takkies or flat shoes will not work with a cleat pedal.

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