About Dirt School

We are dedicated to promoting cycling by teaching the fundamental skills of mountain biking, building confidence, and, most importantly, ensuring the experience is enjoyable. Our mission includes fostering a sense of community through meeting new people, making friends, and inspiring others to achieve their goals. We provide comprehensive mountain bike skills clinics for all ages and proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced riders. Our programs are designed to educate and empower individuals to become the best mountain bikers they can be, with a clear understanding of the steps needed to reach their potential. Whether you are new to mountain biking or seeking to enhance your skills, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and enjoy the journey.

Our skills clinics are taught by Level 2 certified BICP coach Fiona and Level 1 UCI Coach Amy. The International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) collectively share the vision of changing lives through mountain biking and setting the global standard for mountain bike skills training and instruction.

Hello, I’m

BICP Accredited Mountain Bike Skills Instructor and UCI Certified Coach

 I started riding socially around ten years ago with a group of awesome ladies called the Giba Gals, a group I would eventually become the leader of.

As all new mountain bikers are, I was a little nervous to start with. Although I had a few falls, they never dissuaded me and I kept going, enjoying being out on the trails and improving every time I rode.

I never attended a skills clinic and was pretty much self-taught.

Eight years into my riding journey I joined a skills course and boy, did I realise how many bad habits I had developed! 

As the leader of the Giba Gals I had always welcomed and encouraged new riders, but was not sure how to teach them what they needed to know.  After realising how much I had actually learned from attending a skills clinic, I decided to become a coach myself.

I went on to earn a UCI Coaching Level 1 Certification, followed by a BICP Skills Instructors Certification. I am now able to combine my years of riding experience with my coaching skills and confidently help people to overcome their fears, gain confidence and, most importantly, enable them to have fun on their bikes. 

I love riding my bike! Being out with nature, alone or with like-minded people, clears the head and is so good for the soul.


Hello, I’m
Amy Newcombe-Bond

UCI Certified Coach

 From the thrill of pedalling a bike for the first time to the exhilaration of crossing the finish line on many an international stage, cycling has been the cornerstone of my life’s journey. With a passion ignited from a young age, I’ve traversed mountains, conquered challenges, and achieved goals within the realm of cycling.

I find immense joy in imparting the invaluable skills and knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career. Whether it’s teaching the basics of balance and coordination to our youngest riders or honing the skills of aspiring athletes, my goal remains the same: to foster a lifelong love for cycling and empower the next generation of riders to pedal towards their dreams.