Courses - Level 3: On the Trails

Our level 3 sessions are mostly out on the trails.

We will focus on steeper, faster and more technical trails with jumps, drops and technical downhill lines and obstacles to negotiate. We practice single-track trails and how to apply the fundamental principles to obstacles and lines.

We will cover obstacles like a flat corner, berm, drop, rock garden, jumps and off camber.

This is a no-pressure environment and all participants are encouraged to progress at their own speed.

All members should be fit enough to last 2.5 hours on their bikes. We will mostly ride distances from 10-35km, but there could be days that we call a ride that requires us to go a bit further.

Level 3: Steep Descending

Balanced body position is a key skill for maintaining control on a mountain bike! However, in order to maintain balance on a bike while riding over terrain that is changing, we have to MOVE! Having a good body position while riding down hills is all about finding stability.

What to Expect

Skills Covered:

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