Courses - Young Shredders

We want MORE kids on bikes. We want ALL kids to ride bikes. Let us make mountain biking part of your child’s life. It has great benefits like improved concentration, mood control and great for their confidence. They make friends and they are outdoors in nature.

Sessions will be provided by experienced and certified skills instructors which know how to get the best out of your kids and give them real challenges without compromising safety. They’ll give them a pocket full of skills to take-home for keeps and a certificate of completion.

Core Techniques

We’ll assess their ability to ensure they’re in an appropriate group. We’ll then get them riding and teach core techniques to develop their mountain biking and maintain riding safety at all times. This is where they will gain confidence and realise how much fun riding bikes can be.

Technical Skills

We move on to turn those core techniques into skills. Building on core techniques the kids can progress to riding more trail and getting wheels off the ground. Moving onto getting good grip in corners and tackling technical obstacles on the trail.

What do we offer:

Ready to take your riding skills to the next level?

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